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miliu calabuch, artp produccions
el llegat del rei de la rumba, miliu calabuch, artp produccions

Born in Mataró, son of Uncle Joanet, one of the Patriarchs of Rumba, MILIU CALABUCH is the artistic heir of his uncle, the "King Peret". He is also the nephew of Moncho, "el Gitano del Bolero", who sponsored "Pura Rumba", one of the many projects he has led in Miliu.

Others have been: “Old Rumba”, “Rumbamazigha”

His great music school in the field of Catalan Rumba has been his extensive gypsy-Catalan family.

From his father's hand he learned the basics of the genre. With cousins he practiced it and perfected it alongside his uncle Peret as a prominent part of his accompanying group in recent years.

TOUR 2019

“There is a successor now! He is a nephew of mine!

When he sings, sing what he sings… you notice that he is, a Rumbero ”

PERET - “Gent de Paraula” TVE Catalunya 11/10/2011

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MILIU, wants to bring to the stage the essence and origins of Catalan Rumba.

That is why he recovers the figure of the “PALMERO” to achieve that sound so characteristic of its origins that, over time, it has been merging and crossing with other rhythms and percussion instruments.

It wants to reach a more heterogeneous audience that comes into contact for the first time with this particular style and typical of our country, proving that Rumba is not only festive music but can contain sounds, rhythms and harmonies that take it to music of concert. Music to listen to, appreciate and enjoy.

Rumba without additives, looking for authenticity and simplicity to be able to excite the audience.


pep prat, miliu calabuch, artp produ
miliu calabuch band, el llegat del r
diego cortés, miliu calabuch, artp p
miliu calabuch, artp produccions
diego cortés, miliu calabuch,artp pr
miliu calabuch, artp produccions
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