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The tradition more deeply rooted in the ground has taken perspective and relativized itself with the advent of modernity, which has given it a point of view detached from its own identity. An identity not historicist, but present. This contact with the present is what we seek and this mystery, which we do not know, which fascinates us and moves us, demands us.


Mediterranean POP / FOLK

The product of a generation that moves between tradition and modernity, between humanism and technocracy, Damià condenses these opposites in order to musically legitimize a generational point of view and reality.

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The musician from Pollença is one of the exponents of Mallorcan folk-pop. He has cultivated his solo career, over the years, preparing his songs very carefully and without haste. In 2016 Damià Oliver self-released an EP of very special versions, 'Cançons de noces', and it is not until 2017 when his own songs will be released.

Pere Bestard "EDR Balears", 2

"Menescal is the one who heals you are animals", "the album revolves conceptually around our animality and the healing power of music towards our species, from the point of view of the purest and most crystalline terrestriality".

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