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pratt, porto brava, artp produccions

"good port"

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Music from a very specific place of the Mediterranean

Idea & Composer PEP PRAT


"A particular, original and unique style that revalues the popular music that has emerged around the Costa Brava."

"This music gives another perspective to the use of the Cobla and the more traditional styles."



pratt, porto brava, artp produccions
pep prat, pratt, porto brava, artp produccions

I have seen blue roofs

au gratin for an orange crystal

which enveloped all inert bodies.

I noticed myself crossed

by those yellowish rays

as he climbed to the top of the most beautiful ridge

one day in August.

I was recognized by the umpteenth explorer of those lands

... but in other circumstances I,

he would also have folded the sail on that beach

and would have dressed my home

with all the riches I carried in my trunks ...

crowning a blue roof.

But I miss him and I want to go back

And bring you new treasures!

And ..tell everything I've seen!

And… dress up so exotic!

And let everyone throw themselves into the sea in silence

hoisting their sails ..

And looking for their roof.

I go out to look for new ports

A journey that seeks the discovery of new sounds and that will find many affinities with music from the Mediterranean coast and that wants to help break down the cultural barriers that we have been raising without realizing that we have more in common than differences.

Cristina Noguer, actress

pratt, porto brava, artp produccions

In this place,

movement is the legacy of the onslaught of the wind and the secular breezes

Paula Rísquez.

Maria Buenavida dance art studio

pratt, porto brava, artp produccions
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